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Storm Damage

Trees can be damaged in many ways, from natural disasters like thunderstorms and tornadoes to natural infestations like rot and insects. These damaged trees can then pose many problems for you. If they’ve already fallen, they may have damaged your house or restricted access to certain parts of your property. Broken trunks and infested wood add an element of foreboding danger to walking through the yard, as you never know when it’s finally going to fall or what’s lurking in the debris. Rather than waiting for a damaged branch or tree to fall, call the professionals at Brownsburg Tree Care to remove trees from your property.

Maintaining the health of the trees on your property is a good homeownership practice and helps to prevent damage that can happen during storms. By performing regular maintenance on your trees, you can lower the risk of a tree falling on your property. Contact Brownsburg Tree Care if you’re unsure about your trees and we will provide helpful advice and tree trimming services to ensure that your trees are not a hazard to your property.

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Tree Damage Basics

While most people begin to panic once there is noticeable tree damage, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is still hope for your tree and its overall survival depending on the amount of damage. Most minor damage can be easily fixed by removing affected areas. In some cases, as with large split branches or trunks that have not broken off, the tree can be braced.

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Your Local Tree Experts

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