Cabling & Bracing

Trees can grow in such a manner that their physical structure may not be able to support the growth, leading to structural failure. All trees can fail, given the right circumstances, even those without a structural deficiency.

Structural failure of a large branch, trunk, or root system can result in significant property damage, personal injury, or fatality. It can also cause the decline of a tree’s health over time. Cables and bracing rods are simply tools arborists use to add support to a weak structure. 

Why Use Cable & Bracing?

When trees have a poor branching habit, split or cracked limb structures, areas of decay, or a poor root system, there is always a risk for structural failure. Some tree species produce a heavy crop of fruit or acorns which adds to the potential for structural failure.  Improper pruning in the past can also lead to structural failure.  When these weak areas fail, large limbs, trunks, or entire trees may come crashing down on anything underneath them.

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